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Azerbaijan: Take Another Look
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A land of adventure

Azerbaijan is full of incredible contrasts, infused with history and culture at every turn. The challenge was to raise awareness of the varied travel opportunities within the country, showcasing cities like Baku and Sheki, as well as lesser-known treasures.

The curious,

Today's travellers are looking for exciting new experiences in
incredible destinations, steeped in culture. At the same time,
they're far more eco-conscious and want to travel sustainably, so
we had to demonstrate how Azerbaijan could fulfil these needs.

Discovering Azerbaijan

BBC StoryWorks produced a branded content series to tell the story of Baku, Sheki and the wine regions, which was promoted across relevant sections of like BBC Travel.

We also ran TV spots on BBC World News to showcase the beauty of the country's culture and history, such as 'Taste the City - Baku', 'Wonders of Azerbaijan' and 'An Art Lover's Guide to Baku'. 30" audio ads also ran on BBC Sounds across the travel, lifestyle, and food and drink podcast categories.


Both the branded and editorial content have performed well, exceeding expectations in terms of page views and dwell time. In particular, the Sheki City Guide has been a standout success.